International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together

IMPACT is an expanding global network of like-minded apostles and prophets, and the churches, organizations, and ministries that they lead, in covenant partnership and relating together under the visionary leadership and apostolic oversight of its founder Apostle John Eckhardt, with a divine mandate to advance apostolic reformation and God's end-time Kingdom agenda in the earth, affecting the destiny of nations, and ultimately realizing the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

As IMPACT's influence rapidly increases across the nations of the world, it is already becoming a major apostolic movement in a number of places, powerfully positioned as a catalyst to break the church through into new kingdom positions. Through identifying emerging apostles and prophets, teaching present truth revelation in conferences and seminars, conducting prophetic presbytery, along with the ministry of impartation and the laying on of hands, there is released an acceleration of apostolic grace and anointing to build strong governing territorial "Antioch" churches, along with releasing relevant cutting edge apostolic and prophetic ministries that are facilitating change in the spiritual atmosphere over their nation and region.


Apostle John Eckhardt founded the IMPACT Network in 1995 as a result of many pastors and ministers beginning to come to the services of Crusaders Church in Chicago. They came to build relationships as well as receive fresh insights and impartation. Networks invariably form around an apostle as ministers and leaders begin to relate to a new apostolic model of church and ministry. Churches began to recognize the apostolic call on Apostle Eckhardt's life wanting to reproduce what they saw at Crusaders, where the principle of "perfecting the saints" from Ephesians Chapter 4:12 was in full operation. Believers were being trained in intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing, prophecy, church planting, and reaching out to the nations.

As Apostle Eckhardt's ministry schedule to the nations intensified in those days, God began to sovereignly connect him with many ministry leaders overseas, especially emerging apostles and prophets who wanted to be in apostolic relationship with him. They desired that their ministries would reflect the philosophy and apostolic model that they saw exemplified in Apostle Eckhardt. The result of these developing relationships both domestically in the U.S and internationally gave birth to the IMPACT Network, which now encompasses hundreds of churches and ministries in over 40 nations.


•To identify, develop, publicly recognize through ordination, and release emerging apostles and prophets that God is raising up in the nations of the world for this New Apostolic Reformation.

• To provide avenues for the teaching and imparting of present truth revelation, currently through facilitating and coordinating national and international IMPACT conferences and Apostolic Institute of Ministry (AIM) seminars, and eventually through domestic and international full and part time AIM campuses along with an online school.

• To regularly send out Apostolic Teams to the nations for breakthrough intercession, leadership training, prophetic and deliverance ministry, that they might be catalysts to release fresh moves of God wherever sent, and be facilitators of this New Apostolic Reformation invading the church.

• To be an apostolic resource center for the distribution of anointed present truth books, CD’s, DVD’s, teaching articles, and training manuals that will inspire, equip, train, and especially help to maintain soundness of apostolic doctrine.

• To provide covering, counsel and apostolic oversight, for like-minded leaders and ministers that God is bringing into covenant relationship with Apostle Eckhardt, and to network them with IMPACT for partnership in its God-given mandate and vision from the Lord for apostolic reformation and kingdom advancement. Apostle Eckhardt strongly believes that any apostolic oversight and accountability should be strictly biblical, spiritual, and relational. Our position then is that each local church and ministry has complete autonomy, and thus IMPACT exercises no legal authority over it. That is the responsibility of every church’s governing eldership and legally required board. One might call this covering without control.

• To encourage and equip women in ministry to develop their ministry calling and be all that God has called them to be in this season of apostolic reformation.

• To promote the establishing of strong governing territorial Antioch churches that will breakthrough in their nation and beyond as a result of strong Presbyteries and Apostolic Teams having been raised up and established.

• To develop strong relationships, joint partnerships, and interactive alliances with other apostolic networks for the sake of combining efforts and resources to enhance and intensify breakthrough results in the nations.

• To allow within the structure of IMPACT the opportunity for mature apostles and prophets in the network to raise up sons and daughters in the ministry that could also have a primary relationship (general covering and apostolic oversight) with IMPACT and Apostle Eckhardt, and yet still maintain their (direct covering) relationship with their spiritual father. This way both have primary access to IMPACT and Apostle Eckhardt.

• To also allow within the structure of IMPACT the ability for those leaders who feel a need to start their own networks, to continue to relate to IMPACT in a primary relationship, and their network leaders in only a secondary relationship. We do ask though that the primary leader would give his network leaders the IMPACT Network’s website address so they could take full advantage of all the site’s resources of articles, reports, video and audio on demand, and schedule of conferences and Apostolic Institute of Ministry (AIM) seminars we hold in the United States and around the world.

Prophetic Implications of Our Name: “IMPACT”

Although the word IMPACT is an acronym standing for "International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together", its definition has some powerful prophetic implications concerning God's mandate for this apostolic network.

Webster’s Dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus list the following relating to IMPACT:

IMPACT: violent contact; explosion; shock encounter; a shocking effect; to strike forcefully; to have an impact; a forceful contact or collision; a compelling effect; the impulse or strong inclination to act; creating motion and momentum; driving forward; an incitement to action resulting from a collision or stimulus.

Apostolic ministry is a ministry of spiritual warfare, confronting principalities and powers, and "everything high thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God". Many times that includes religious systems and spirits that oppress a territory and people attempting to hold back the revival, reformation, and restoration that God wants to bring to His church.

The apostolic and prophetic anointing and ministry comes into such a territory making violent contact, striking forcefully at the enemy and challenging and confronting his lies and deception with the collision of present truth revelation, powerful prophetic declarations that open the heavens, and the establishing of true apostolic foundations, which result in apostolic deliverance and breakthrough for that church, city, region, and nation. The result has a compelling effect, inciting God's people to act on new truth and change, and releasing a divine momentum for the church of Jesus Christ to transition to new dimensions of glory, and to advance God's Kingdom in more powerful and effective ways.

These are part of the ministry results of Apostle Eckhardt, IMPACT, and his Apostolic Teams sent out to release powerful breakthrough in the nations, especially through regional and national apostolic, prophetic and deliverance conferences, and leadership training seminars. It's who we are and what we do. Those coming into relationship with the apostolic ministry of Apostle Eckhardt and the IMPACT Network can begin to expect these kinds of results in their territory. As the Apostle Paul said in Philippians Chapter 1, "ye all are partakers of my grace." This kind of apostolic relationship and partnership with Apostle Eckhardt will also position you and your church and ministry to share in the apostolic grace that God has put upon his life.

Affiliation with IMPACT

Affiliation with the IMPACT Network is only for 5-fold ministry leaders, market-place ministers, churches, ministries, organizations and ministry training schools. Inquire more about IMPACT Affiliation by using our online form

Partnership with IMPACT

Partnership with Apostle John Eckhardt and IMPACT is open to all. We want to invite you to consider becoming a partner with us, either on a monthly basis or for special one time projects. It will take considerable financial partnership to go through the tremendous open doors we have in the nations to advance this apostolic/prophetic movement. Please go to the partnership page for more information on how you can stand together with us in this day of apostolic acceleration. There you will also find a description of current projects we are involved with.